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Key Staff Members


Rabab Ashraf (Arabic Department Lead)

Ustadha Rabab is from cosmopolitan Cairo and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Arabic Language. She has been teaching immersive Arabic Language to non-native speakers for over 5 years.

Ayah Nageh

Aya Nageh is an Arabic teacher hailing from Egypt and currently living in Turkey. With a B.A. in Arabic Language, Literature and Islamic Sciences and a Post-graduate Diploma in Teaching Arabic, she has a knack for communicating effortlessly with non-native speakers. She has accumulated five years of experience conducting Bayaan’s Arabic classes and continues to impress us with her dedication and compassion.

Rabab Ashraf

Ustadha Rabab is from cosmopolitan Cairo and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Arabic Language. She has been teaching immersion Arabic Language to non-native speakers for over 5 years.

Ahmad Sayed Ahmad Mahmoud

Ahmad Sayed graduated from Fayoum University’s Dar al Uloom faculty in Arabic and Islamic Studies and received a general diploma in Education from Kafr El Sheikh University. He went on complete his master’s degree from Ain Shams University in Arabic Studies and has worked as an Arabic teacher in schools, nationally as well as internationally. One of his prominent achievements includes teaching Arabic to non-native speakers at Alarabiya Institute.

Yusuf Alzariee
Yusuf is an Arabic language teacher and a linguist with vast experience working in Islamic and International schools. Currently, he is working as a coordinator and helps make communication between various departments seamless. His experience in teaching has allowed him to gain a better insight into what it’s like working with children and how to effectively execute strategies for their Education.
Ghada Elwan

Ghada hails from an Egyptian background and has experience equipping non-native speakers with basic Arabic speaking skills. He received a bachelor’s degree in Islamic studies and Arabic language from the Faculty of Dar Al-Uloom, Cairo University. Moreover, he has also attained certification for teaching Arabic as a foreign language from Al-Azhar University.

Islamic Studies

Yumna Patel
Yumna's educational achievements include a BSc Health Sciences degree from WITS University and a post-graduate in Education from the University of South Africa. She is a highly accomplished teacher who enjoys spending time with the youth, getting into intellectual debates and learning along the way in order to challenge their rational faculties.


Huda Khan
Huda holds a B.A. (Hon.) in Business and Management from Leeds Beckett University in the UK in collaboration with Leeds Met India. She is an avid learner before a teacher, as she shares similar interests as most of her students, who love to learn from her. She has taught almost every grade from 1-12 in two different countries, which makes her well-equipped to foster the desire for learning at every age.
Shimaa Ibrahim Muhammad
Shima has been working in the education sector, teaching elementary school kids for the past 6 years. She has taught a wide range of subjects from English and Math to even Science in physical as well as online settings. Shima gets along with children really well and can teach them critical things by bringing them down to their level of understanding. She is also TEFL and TKT certified.
Amatullaah Armand

Amatullah Armand originally hails from New York and has been teaching for nearly 15 years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and currently doing a Master’s in Education, Armand is a qualified teacher with TEFL certification and a Montessori diploma. He has been living in Egypt for quite some while now and is learning Qur’an, Tajweed, Arabic, and Islamic Studies from Safeeratul Al Islaam Online Academy.

Salma Docrat
Salma has spent the majority of her life in South Africa while recently shifting to Antalya, Turkey. She holds a degree in Counselling Psychology and in Education along with a certificate in Montessori and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). Salma is a versatile teacher with 9+ years of experience.
Hafsa Abdullah

Hafsa did her bachelor’s in Psychology from Punjab University in Pakistan. Since childhood, she has had a flair for helping others, nurturing and teaching them, which ultimately led her to become an educator with an experience of over 12 years. With her intellectually curious personality, she loves to form new bonds with students and help make the process of learning a fun experience.

Nazveen Arif
Nazveen hailed from New York, USA and graduated with a bachelor’s in History from Stony Brook University. She has vast experience in tutoring and teaching after-school and Sunday school programs that also include madrasahs and Islamic schools. Along with that, Nazveen possesses creative skills like calligraphy and painting that allows her to connect with students on a much different level.
Musfira Amatus Subhan
Musfira has lived her whole life in Qatar, where she also studied Nutrition and Dietetics. She is an extremely motivated person who loves encouraging people toward a healthy lifestyle. Her experience includes conducting various seminars in elementary school to teach them the significance of a balanced lifestyle. She has also worked with Bayaan Academy for four months which allowed her to expand her horizons and gain incomparable experience in the field.
Aalia Hassen

Aalia Hasan graduated from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa, with a Bachelor’s degree in Education and an Honors degree in Mathematics Education. She possesses a lot of passion and dedication for teaching and does it well with her fun-filled approach to making Math a fun learning experience for students.

Wafa Abuzeineh
Wafa received her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from Aspen University. With years of teaching experience all over the world and dealing with students from different curriculums, Wafa is an inspiration for many. Being born and raised in Maryland and using her skillset to shape young minds in places like Houston, Dubai, Jordan etc., Wafa knows how to give every child the creative freedom they need to explore.
Haifa Alsagaff
Haifa originally hails from West London, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education. She has accumulated an experience of over 12 years of teaching in London as well as in Qatar, which has given her much of exposure when it comes to interacting with people from all around the world.
Mayar Saleh
Mayar is an educator possessing a great deal of passion and enthusiasm for learning as well as teaching students hailing from different backgrounds. His approach caters to students’ mental well-being as he believes in using different tactics like art and creativity to make his students enjoy the classes they take and never be bored by his teaching style.


Baiyina Jones (English Department Lead)

Baiyina is a committed and dedicated teacher who shares great joy when it comes to spending time with friends and family or doing her favorite thing, gardening. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a BA in English and continues to transmit her knowledge and wisdom to students all around.

Bachaair Basidi

Basidi is an ambitious educator who holds a B.A. in English literature and has accumulated vast experience teaching English in various governmental and private sector settings. He also has 4+ years of experience working for humanitarian purposes as an activist in different organizations and educational centers. Moreover, he has also been an administrative assistant for an educational institute for six years.

Mensure Okutmustur
Mensure completed her B.A. in Cultural Studies from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She always enjoyed socializing and interacting with people coming from different backgrounds.This love for the world and culture around her allowed her to pursue a B.A. in English Language and Culture from the University of Amsterdam.
Laiba Nur
Laiba completed her bachelor’s degree in English and attained a certificate of minor in Education from Lehman College in New York City. She has a flair for creativity and literature which is depicted in her love for calligraphy as she tries to mesh the two in this hobby. With the same flair, she teaches students from different levels who thoroughly enjoy her classes.
Shamilah Firdausi
Shamila holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), where she also completed her Islamic studies. Later on, she received her TEFL certification as a level 5 English teacher. Her qualification and experience in the field of sciences have allowed her to connect with children who share a similar interest and an inquisitive nature like her.

Social Studies

Yusra Ahmed (Social Studies Department Lead)

Yusra was born and raised in Qatar and moved to Malaysia to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). During her time studying, she gained a lot of exposure as she participated and interned at UNHCR and taught Arabic and Islamic Studies at Ahlan Academy. She has also served a special needs center in Qatar and has a flair for connecting with students on a personal level.

Naureen Kamran

Naureen completed her bachelor’s in Computer Sciences; however, she considers herself to be a learning enthusiast who has taught subjects ranging from History to Sociology and Global Perspectives. She is a passionate and dedicated teacher who has been in this field for nearly 15 years and wants her students to develop critical thinking skillset.

Mosammat Ayshia Ali

Mosammat is a dedicated teacher who was born and raised in New York City. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. Her passion for spreading Islam and educating the young Muslim population stems from her experience working in different Islamic settings, such as Masjids and schools, where she taught Quran to children for nearly two years and absolutely loved the process.

Zehra Haliloglu
Zehra holds a B.A. in English Literature, an M.A. in Civilization Studies and another M.A. in Intercultural Communication. She has a lot of experience working in the Social Sciences and Cultural History departments of higher education institutes, including Ibn Haldun University in Istanbul, where she got the opportunity to build a community of active learners.
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal was born and raised in the state of Ohio. After graduating from highschool, he attended The Ohio State University where he double majored in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Upon completing undergraduate degrees, he studied overseas for four-and-a-half years. He was blessed with the opportunity to study in Jordan, Egypt, and Malaysia. While in Malaysia, he completed his masters degree in Islamic jurisprudence. Currently, he is a first-year law student in Ohio.


Mariam Siddiqui
Farah Ludin

Farah holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and secondary Education from the Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado. Currently, she is residing in Istanbul, Turkiye, with her passion for bringing sciences to life with her teaching methods. Farah has a knack for teaching, which allows her to interact with students and make them understand a topic in different learning styles.

Salwa Soliman
Salwa is a pharmacist who received her doctorate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the Free University in Berlin, Germany. She has accomplished a lot in the field of sciences and has gained experience, including volunteering in places like Bayaan and Montessori Club. She loves to explore new things with her students and aims to bridge the gap between Science and religion with her nuanced approach.
Sumayya Ahmed
Sumayya was raised in Canada and completed her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Ryerson University. With an unmatched experience in tutoring and mentoring high school students, Sumayya has developed a skill of integrating Scientific activities in her classroom that propels her students to explore, question and learn important scientific concepts with intrigue.
Hanan Mahmood

Hanan grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has a doctorate in Biology. She has experience in teaching and mentoring high school students as well as graduate students. She likes to encourage young students to take up science as a career and mentor them to hone their critical thinking abilities while pursuing science.

Yomna Sharaf El-Dine
Yomna is a Science and Biology teacher with over 5 years of experience. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and Chemistry from the Faculty of Science of Alexandria University. Moreover, she has a diploma in Teaching and Learning from Cambridge University (PDQ program). Yomna often uses creative flair as a way of communicating with her students and deepening their interest in the subject.
Kanwal Aneeb
Kanwal received her Masters in Botany from Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan. She has always possessed a curious spirit which allowed her to explore nature and the creation of God to learn more about it. This drive has brought her to the profession of teaching, where she shares her interest in the subject with students who are just as curious as her.
Saadia maqbool
Saadia is a qualified and highly experienced teacher who not only enjoys answering students' questions but also encourages them to think more critically in order to come up with more queries about Science. She believes clearing your misconceptions and thinking with an open mind in a subject like Science is very crucial for one to develop an interest in it!


Salma Musa (Math Department Lead)
Salma is a learning enthusiast with 12 years of teaching experience in a variety of fields, particularly Mathematics and Islamic Studies
Faramudita Iriyani

Iriyani belongs to an Indonesian background; however, she is currently living in Turkey. She pursued her bachelor’s in Physics at Islamic State University in Jakarta. She has worked with different curriculums, including Cambridge and IB, and has been a Math and Science teacher for quite some time. Her achievements also include the project management certification that she obtained from Google.

Fatima Desai

Desai has completed B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry along with a bachelor’s degree in Education. She has an inquisitive spirit and is constantly seeking opportunities to impart her knowledge to others; thus, she has been a Math teacher for almost 8 years. Her preferred mode of teaching is using visual aids and interactive tools that make students want to learn more.

Alaa Emara

Ala Emara is a passionate teacher holding a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Istanbul Kultur University. She hails from Egypt while currently residing in Istanbul in order to teach Middle and High-school level math. She has been in this profession for the last five years and has formed a strong bond with children, instilling in them the spark for learning.

Sara Muhammad

Sara has completed her bachelor’s in Information Technology and has a deep passion for all the sciences which she eventually wants to share with her students as well. Therefore, she teaches Math and Science and has a great deal of understanding of topics including space, galaxies, and evolution, which greatly interests young minds!

Mohammed Fahim Jamal
Mohammed Fahim Jamal is a Hafiz of the Qu’ran who graduated from the City University with a BSc Honors degree in Economics. He is a highly qualified individual with a PGDE (Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Teaching) from UCL and an inspiring teacher who shapes many young minds with his compassion.