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Meet Our Faculty

Sumair Balkhi
Sumair BalkhiDirector
Sumair holds a Master’s in Education from Delaware State University, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Economics. His 15+ years academic experience includes serving as a certified teacher for an American public school, head of academics for a private school, and working in Academic Development and Teacher Training at a Middle Eastern University. He’s also a homeschooling dad.
Mrs. Thamina
Mrs. ThaminaSocial Studies Teacher
Mrs. Thamina graduated from Brunel University, UK and later went on to obtain her teaching certification. She has 10 years experience teaching students in private schools in UK as well as internationally. She also served as a Director for an educational charity foundation in UK.
Ustadha Fatima
Ustadha FatimaIslamic Studies Teacher
Ustadha Fatima grew up in Bolton, UK and decided to pursue a specialty in religious law. She completed an intensive six year Islamic Studies course at Jamia Tahfeezul Qur’an, obtaining an ijazah (authorization) to teach the traditional Islamic sciences. Later, she also graduated with a BA (Hons) in Humanities from the Open University. A stay at home mother and home educator, she has spent over twelve years teaching Islamic Studies classes, delivering programmes for New Muslim Ladies and organising regular community events.
Mrs. Chaudhry
Mrs. ChaudhryHead of Mathematics
Mrs. Chaudhry graduated valedictorian of her High School class, and later graduated with BA in Mathematics with Honors from the University of Delaware. Her experience includes teaching Mathematics at an American college, private schools, and particularly, homeschooling her three children.

Yunus Monahan
Yunus MonahanEnglish Teacher
Yunus Monahan graduated with a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology from the Queen’s University of Belfast. He then travelled to the Middle East to study Arabic language for two years, providing him a wider perspective on language acquisition. He later returned and began teaching English to young adults in UK. He obtained a PGDE from Bolton University in 2011, and became a qualified teacher in 2012. Since then, he has taught a number of students English as well as Employability Skills. He also spent two years working with an education charity focusing on character education for young British Muslims, empowering them to balance their spiritual identity with their daily reality. He now lives with his family on a farm in rural Northern Ireland.
Umm Ibrahim
Umm IbrahimScience Teacher
Umm Ibrahim grew up in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia and later travelled to India to obtain her Bachelors in Pharmacy from an all girls univeristy. She then returned to her Jeddah hometown and worked as a Pharmaceutical assistant at a hospital. She then left the industry to pursue her interest in teaching science. She has been teaching High School science for the last 4 years in Jeddah.

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