Please be aware that as registrations continue, certain Class Sections are nearing their full capacity. If there are no seats in your selected Grade, you will be placed on our Wait List.

Admission Process

Bayaan Academy seeks to work with families whose goals and visions align with those of our school.

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We accept applications throughout the year, but admission is contingent upon the availability of open seats in a given grade.

Step 1. Documents Required

The documents listed below may be required for admission:

Students Transferring from Public/Private School:

  • Student’s ID (Birth Certificate, Government Issued ID, etc)
  • Most Recent School Report Card

Homeschooled Students:

  • Student’s ID (Birth Certificate, Government Issued ID, etc)
  • Portfolio Review by the County
  • Student Work Samples
  • Picture snapshot of the last writing assignment the student completed on their own
  • Last math assignment done by the student

Step 2. Parent/Guardian submits New Student Enrollment Form + $150 Registration Fee*


Click the link below to access our New Student Registration Form

*The Registration Fee ($150) is non-refundable.

Step 3. Academic Counselor Review & Student Assessment


During this step, Bayaan’s Academic Counselor will review the student’s report cards/transcripts/homeschool portfolio. The Academic Counselor will communicate with the parent/guardian in case there is need for a Placement Test**, one-on-one interview, or further documentation.

(**Placement Test: Please note that we take into great consideration the feedback we receive from parents and what the student has actually completed as compared to the test. This is due to the fact that some students are not effective test-takers.)

Step 4. Acceptance Decision

After the Academic Counselor completes the review, the Parent/Guardian will receive an email notification in relation to the acceptance of the student.

Step 5. Tech Fee & Tuition Payment


If the student is accepted into Bayaan Academy, the Parent/Guardian will be prompted to pay the $200 Technology Fee + the 1st Month’s tuition.

Step 6. Student Onboarding


Once the fee & tuition payments are received, Bayaan’s IT Team will start the process of creating student accounts, assigning classes, allocating digital resources, etc.
During this time, the Parent/Guardian will be sent a Tutorial Onboarding Video explaining the various platforms and technology used at Bayaan. Parents are advised to complete this Onboarding Tutorial with their student to ensure a smooth start of school.

Step 7. Enrollment & Orientation Days

An email will be sent to the Parent/Guardian which includes the login information for the students. As the first day of school approaches, students will be able to login to Bayaan’s platform to see their class schedules.

Group Orientation sessions are conducted for every student with their Parent/Guardian to facilitate the onboarding process with the Academy. The dates and times of the Orientation sessions will be emailed to the Parent/Guardian.

Please contact the academy if you do not receive notification of your child’s enrollment within 5 business days of enrolling. It is possible the admissions email may have gone to your spam folder.