How involved do parents have to be?

One of the key factors we noticed for successful online studies is the maturity of the students. For young learners in grades in middle school, we believe parental involvement in supervising the students’ online learning experience is very important. Bayaan provides you the curriculum, the live classes, live teacher support, and the full means of communication, such as weekly progress reports being emailed to parents.  However, none of that will be effective if the student is not staying on task.

Every student is different. We’ve had 6th graders that always submitted work on a timely basis without any parental involvement and did wonderfully. And we’ve had 7th graders who rarely submitted any work despite parents being regularly notified.

For students that are not good at working independently, we advise parents to make sure that the student’s computer or laptop is in a visible, yet quiet location in the home and that someone supervises the completion of the tasks. A daily classwork schedule is a must for all students so that they can stay on track.

Lastly, admin and teachers are always available to assist you and the student in reaching success. Feel free to reach out to them for advice or discuss your concerns- academic, social, or personal. We are here for you.

Will I receive report cards and transcripts?
Both students and parents have access to the continuous progress of the students’ work at any time. There are three terms and at the end of each term, final grades will be made available according to the academic calendar dates. Official sealed reports can be requested through the school’s administration for a nominal fee.
Are you accredited?
Bayaan Academy is registered in Maryland, USA, and is using a curriculum that has already been accredited. However, as an online schooling provider, we are working towards independent accreditation through the Middles States Association. At present, we are providing a home-based education by providing qualified instructors, an accredited curriculum, assessments, and social activities online and locally. We have begun taking the necessary steps towards MSA accreditation which typically takes a few years.
Can I meet my child’s teachers?
Yes! Bayaan Academy holds regular parent-teacher conferences throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to attend in-person if they reside locally. For families living farther away, conference calls are scheduled every semester by the administration.
What computer skills & hardware are required?

Computer skills: Our LMS (Learning Management System) program is very user-friendly. Some basic computer skills are required such as basic keyboarding and the ability to browse webpages.  A thorough orientation is conducted at the beginning of the year to guide students on how to use the system.

Hardware requirements: Computer: Minimum 2GB RAM, preferably 4GB. Processor speed of 1.6Ghz or faster. Tablet/Phone: 2GB free space, and installation of an app from Google/Apple Store.

Do students have any social interaction?
Throughout the year, Bayaan Academy organizes local field trips, social events, and family picnics. Students are also encouraged to join a variety of extra-curricular clubs, some student-led, and some teacher-led, including Math Club, Journalism Club, and Art Club.
What options does my child have after grade 9?

Bayaan Academy currently offers grades 6-9, and next academic year (Sept 2019) we will have grades 6-12. Why the delay? We wanted to make sure that the studies grow slowly and organically so quality is not lost.

In our first year, we offered only middle school studies (grades 6-8). In Sept 2018, we added grade 9.  For the academic year Sept 2019, we plan to have full Middle School and High School studies leading to an American High School Diploma.

Can I access classes at any time?
All classes should be attended live, unless you have a valid excuse. However, if you miss a class or want to revise a topic, the recordings can be accessed at any time through your individual login.