Sumair Balkhi


Sumair oversees the general operations of Bayaan Academy. He holds a Master’s in Education, and a dual major in Psychology and Economics. He holds an Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate. His 20+ years international academic management experience  help guide Bayaan’s vision nationally and internationally.

Fatima Musa


Fatima, born and raised in UK, works closely with the Bayaan faculty, students, and parents to ensure high educational standards and works to implement the academy’s vision in collaboration with the Bayaan team.

Imran Tahir


Imran, born and raised in NYC, oversees the operations of the Academy including the admission office. His educational experience include holding an advanced degree in Islamic studies (aalim) as well as a certified SCRUM Master. 

Zainab Adeel

IT Lead

Zainab holds a masters in IT and oversees all of the digital integrations at Bayaan and overall server networks. She currently resides in Makkah.

Sumna Tahqique


Sumna, born and raised in Jeddah, manages Bayaan’s financial operations and liases with all departments of the academy to ensure compliance. Her diverse experience includes teaching children with autism and writing self-help content for a non-profit in Malaysia.