Sumair Balkhi


Sumair oversees the general operations of Bayaan Academy. He holds a Master’s in Education, and a dual major in Psychology and Economics. He holds an Advanced Professional Teaching Certificate and served public high schools, colleges, and universities in USA and abroad. He has studied Arabic language and books of fiqh under various scholars from Jeddah and USA. His 20+ years experience in academic management help guide Bayaan’s vision nationally and internationally.

Fatima Musa


Fatima, born and raised in UK, works closely with the Bayaan faculty, students, and parents to ensure high educational standards and works to implement the academy’s vision in collaboration with the Bayaan team.

Imam Javid Bhaiyat

Religious Advisor

Shaykh Javid Bhaiyat is one of the senior scholars in the Maryland area serving the community for over 25 years. He meets with the Bayaan Academy management team bi-weekly providing valuable insight and religious guidance.

Abdullah Kumar

Operational Advisor

Abdullah became the youngest general manager of one of the largest private corporation in the Middle East. He advice helps ensure strategic growth of Bayaan Academy while being fiscally responsible.

Imran Tahir


Imran, born and raised in NYC, oversees the operations of the Academy including the admission office. His educational experience include holding an advanced degree in Islamic studies (aalim) as well as a certified SCRUM Master. 

Zainab Adeel

IT Lead

Zainab holds a masters in IT and oversees all of the digital integrations at Bayaan. She also monitors the server networks and leads the tech support team. She currently resides in Makkah with her family.

Sumna Tahqique


Sumna, born and raised in Jeddah, manages Bayaan’s financial operations and liases with all departments of the academy to ensure compliance. Her diverse experience includes teaching children with autism and writing self-help content for a non-profit in Malaysia.

Yunus Monahan

Curriculum and Instruction Lead

Yunus graduated with a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology from the Queen’s University of Belfast and upon graduation, he travelled to the Middle East to study Arabic language and culture. He then moved to UK and obtained a PGDE from Bolton University in 2011, and a year later, became a qualified teacher. He has taught English to a number of adults and young students and also spent time working educational charities focusing on character education for young British Muslims. He now lives with his family on a farm in rural Ireland.