An Aware, Educated, Spiritually Rooted, Global Community

Accredited online Islamic school for passionate learners in grades 3-12

A holistic education that nurtures religious family values.


Why Choose Bayaan Academy ?

A robust and vibrant online Islamic Academy that is accessible from anywhere in the world


Custom Designed Programs

We design and provide programs that equip your child with real world applications. Study from anywhere in the world. We provide different timings for a greater accessibility.

Learn about Institute partnership with Bayaan

20+ Islamic centers have partnered with Bayaan. Learn how you can start an Islamic school in your masjid or supplement academics with your existing Hifdh program

Dynamic Virtual Classrooms

Using the best available communication programs and Learning Management software, and through our robust teacher training sessions, we ensure that content is delivered in an engaging and interactive manner, giving every student the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Progressive Technology

  • State of the Art Learning Management System (LMS) platform.
  • Using creative systems to enhance parent and student engagement.
  • Investment in  top-tierred learning techs to make learning engaging & meaningful
  • Easy communication tool for Parents & Teachers (Email, SMS, Parent Portal, Mobile Push Notifications)


Highly Qualified Teachers

  • 100% Muslim teachers & staff
  • Over 50 teachers & staff from 9 countries
  • 100% of staff have Bachelors degree or higher
  • Admin and teachers who have completed the Usool Shariah courses
  • 40% staff hold a postgraduate degree

Education Tailored for Muslims

  • Classes conforming to core ethical values that cater to the all-round development of the child.
  • Separate classes for Boys & Girls in Middle & High School.
  • Special Focus on Modesty & Tarbiya


Our Programs for Grades 3-12

  • Full Live Academy: All core subjects plus Islamic Studies and Arabic language
  • Partial Live Academy: Core subjects only
  • Curriculum Support: Access to our digital curriculum content
  • Full Homeschool Package: Includes Curriculum Support with the addition of live Islamic Studies and Arabic classes

How your child can benefit from
Bayaan Academy

Character Building (Tarbiyah)

  • Learning through an Islamic Lens
  • Mentoring from staff and senior students
  • Development of self-reflection skills

Holistic Approach

  • Nurturing the mind, the body, and the heart
  • Aiding children to become the best person they can be

Project-based Learning

  • Enhancing critical thinking through problem-solving
  • Develop skills which benefit the student beyond the classroom

Extended Support

  • Each student guided to reach their full potential
  • Academic support staff and tutorials to benefit student progression

Global Community

  • Staff and students from all across the world
  • Develop a sense of being part of humanity

‘Bigger Picture’ Thinking

  • Looking beyond the material world
  • Remaining firm through difficult situations in one’s life
  • Preparing for the next life

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2023-24 Registration

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Our Success Story !

6 Years and counting! (running since 2017)

  • From humble beginnings of 7 students to over 600 students (and growing!)
  • 50+ World-class Teaching and Administrative Staff

Our Graduates

  • Over 100 Middle School graduates and
    30+ High School graduates 
  • Alumni accepted to excellent colleges and universities

Located In the heart of Maryland, accessible globally.

  • Accredited School
  • Accredited Curriculum
  • Registered as non-public school with the Maryland State Department of Education.

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