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For students in grades 6 to 12

The first online global Islamic school of its kind!



  • 4 Live taught classes per week
  • Live Discussions
  • Official School Report Card
  • 3pm EST - 5pm EST
  • *based on annual commitment

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  • 6 Self Paced Classes
  • Assignments Autograded
  • Weekly Progress Reports
  • Umbrella portfolio review
  • Staff Academic Support
  • *based on annual commitment

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Why Bayaan Academy Is Right For You

Accredited curriculum

Accredited American Curriculum, interactive e-textbooks, and the choice of being tutored by highly efficient teachers.

Educational Support

Bayaan’s experienced admin and staff are there to help navigate your educational journey and to make sure your child is on track for success.

Religious Grounding

Classes conforming to core Islamic belief system that caters to the all round development of the child.

Institute Partnership

Does your religious institute need support for academics? Bayaan has partnered with several religious institutes to provide educational support. Find out more.

Our Teaching Methodology

At Bayaan Academy, we believe that any student, if provided with the appropriate learning environment will grow intellectually, emotionally, spiritually. Our curriculum is designed from the ground up to cater to students studying at home. Whether you choose our qualified teachers or find your own, we believe in empowering the student in his/her quest for excellence.

Our classes are streamed live and taught by highly qualified teachers.  Students and teachers communicate with each other through audio, video or written modes, all made possible by the technology around us.

Our Project-Based Learning approach makes schooling more exciting and stimulating. With increased activities and projects, our kids are ‘learning by-doing’. Along with fundamental reading/writing skills, we focus on developing their creativitycritical thinkingdecision makingtechnical and teamworking skills. Interacting with our teachers and students from across the globe, they also develop a cross-cultural understanding.

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Facts about Bayaan Academy

  • +88%


  • +55%


  • +95%


From Bayaan Academy Parents

“Bayaan is one of the most cost-effective online programs.”

W.M. (Riyadh)

“Thank you for the wonderful experience in education. The lessons were engaging and productive. Fatima always looked forward to her classes. She not only learned so much but thoroughly enjoyed them.”

Abu Fatima (Jeddah)

“Live classes at ease, live interaction with teachers and with other students are some of the benefits we experienced after joining Bayaan Academy.”

Sadaf (Khober)

“I was most surprised by the amazing teachers and the way they explain till the child understands”

Irfan (Jeddah)

“Bayaan has good professional teaching ethos. They provide a strong curriculum which is reasonably priced. Focused, live and interactive lessons make learning fun. They give regular homework with lots of constructive feedback.”

Abu Fatima (Jeddah)

“I would recommend Bayaan to any family looking for the quality online education for their children.”

W.M. (Jeddah)

“The app is very helpful and now I feel more connected and updated. Our son is mashallah very happy and does his classes and assignments with a lot of interest and energy. Thanks to the administration and all the teachers and their commitment.”

A.S. (Khober)

“It is an institution which is not money-driven, the administration is focused on bringing quality education to our kids and are constantly trying to improve. They are always asking for feedback and are open to suggestions.”

Parent (Jeddah)

” I am very pleased with the quality of the teachers which I had assumed I would have had to compromise on.”

Parent (Jeddah)

“There is more individualised attention and the ability to re-listen to the lecture is definitely an added plus. Furthermore, teachers have accommodated her deficiencies and allowed her to focus on her strengths.”

Parent (Jeddah)

 “I was just going thru my son’s English lesson and the teacher had a power point on debating. I was so pleasantly surprised that he included slides with Quran ayats and some Islamic viewpoints on how to debate. I thought it was great!”

Umm Hakeem (Jeddah)

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