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Academic Year 2023-24

American Curriculum from Grade 3 to Grade 12


Premium Academy

A complete program for the holistic development of your child.


Core Academy

Includes access to live classes for academic subjects only.


(Based on 10 month contract)

$375/month $275/month

Morning Academy:
9am-2pm EST
Grades 3 – 12


Afternoon Academy:
11am-5pm EST

Grades 3 – 12

(Daily Tutoring is between the hours above)

Morning Academy:
Grades 3-12

9:00am-11:00am EST



Afternoon Academy: Grades 3-8
2:15pm-4:15pm EST

Grades 9-12
3:15pm-5:15pm EST


Days 4 Days a week 4 Days a week
Hours 4-5 hours per day 2-3 hours per day
Extra Tutoring Services
Live Classes – Core Subjects
Live Classes – Arabic Language, Qur’anic Studies, & Islamic Studies X
Core Subjects




Social Studies




Social Studies

Electives (Self-Paced, for High school Only) 2 Subjects 2 Subjects
Report Card
Diploma High School Diploma* High School Diploma*
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Parent Portal
Counselor Services
After School Club
Digital Textbooks
Teacher Support Full Full
Assessments & Projects Teacher Graded Teacher Graded
Quizzes & Projects
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*New Students enrolling in Grade 12 must have earned a minimum of 25% of credits through Bayaan Academy to receive a diploma.

Is the school accredited?

Bayaan Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Bayaan is also registered as a private faith-based school with the Department of Education in Maryland, USA. Rest assured that Bayaan  Academy provides quality instruction combined with a solid understanding of students’ social-emotional needs.

Do students at Bayaan need to register as homeschooled?

It depends on the state. In some states, students are considered enrolled in a private online school while in some states they must be registered as homeschooled because the place of instruction is at “home”.  In general, in the Northeast, students have to be registered as homeschooled while in some states in the Midwest, they do not. Educational laws are slowly catching up to the new era of the proliferation of online work, online college courses, and online school.

Can students transfer to a public school from Bayaan?

Yes, we have had students successfully transfer to public school.

Does Bayaan provide report cards for the students? Are the report cards accepted by public school if they need to transfer?

Yes, Bayaan provides report cards and transcripts for students enrolled in Live program. Public schools accept Bayaaan report cards since Bayaan is an accredited and registered private school, and the final number of credits transferred depends on each institution’s internal policy.

Does Bayaan do the homeschool portfolio review?

No, but we provide all the necessary documents and information one would need to fill out the portfolio review form. Bayaan has an affiliate umbrella organization, Rihla: Radiant Institute of Holistic Learning, that does portfolio review for a small fee.

What if student is enrolled in full time hifz or aalim program, can they manage the academic load?

Over 50% of our students are enrolled in hifz or aalim program as well. Our teachers make sure there is school and life balance.  Students in general should expect  5-6 hours a week of homework. In Ramadan, the workload is lighter and the last 10 days of Ramadan are always off.

Do students in self paced program get high school diploma?

Bayaan does not issue a diploma for students who in the self-paced program.

Can I meet my child’s teachers?

Yes! Bayaan Academy holds regular parent-teacher conferences throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to attend in-person if they reside locally. For families living farther away, conference calls can be arranged with your teacher anytime you have a concern.

Do students have any social interaction?

Throughout the year, Bayaan Academy organizes local field trips, social events, and family picnics. Students are also encouraged to join a variety of extra-curricular clubs that mostly student-led and supervised by an adult. These are typically held on weekends and includes popluar clubs like Journalism, Math Club, Gaming Club, and Art Club – a more complete list is here.

Can I access classes at any time?

All classes should be attended live, unless you have a valid excuse. However, if you miss a class or want to revise a topic, the recordings can be accessed at any time through your individual login.

What curriculum do we follow? Is it according to MD state standards?

We follow common core standards.

What if a student enrolls from a different state? Will that state accept MD school credits?

Yes, we have students from 25 different states in the USA.

Can students apply to universities? Do they accept diploma from Bayaan?

Yes our graduates have applied to universities and got accepted as well. A high school diploma is one of the first steps to college admission. However, college admission depends on a number of factors. These include SAT score levels, high school GPA, how competitive the program being applied for is, how competitive the college is, extra curricular activities, etc. However, we had our first graduate in 2020 who was accepted into both of her colleges of choice.

Do students in self paced program get report card?

No, it is only for those who attend live classes at Bayaan.

Can we try out the classes for a short period to assess if it works for our child?

When you register, you agree to an annual commitment. Enrolling for a trial period is not offered.

Will I receive report cards and transcripts?

Both students and parents have access to the continuous progress of the students’ work at any time. There are four quarters and at the end of each quarter, final grades will be made available according to the academic calendar dates. Official sealed reports can be requested through the school’s administration for a nominal fee.

Do you accept transfer credits from other high schools?

Bayaan Academy will evaluate the rigor of the coursework completed and may grant appropriate credit based on their evaluation. In the case of previously homeschooled students, proof of successful portfolio review could be used to grant specific credits.

How involved do parents have to be?

One of the key factors we noticed for successful online studies is the maturity of the students. For young learners in elementary and middle school, we believe parental involvement in supervising the students’ online learning experience is very important.. Bayaan provides you the curriculum, the live classes, live teacher support, and the full means of communication, such as weekly progress reports being emailed to parents. However, none of that will be effective if the student is not staying on task. Every student is different. We’ve had 6th graders that always submitted work on a timely basis without any parental involvement and did wonderfully. And we’ve had 7th graders who rarely submitted any work despite parents being regularly notified. For students that are not good at working independently, we advise parents to make sure that the student’s computer or laptop is in a visible, yet quiet location in the home and that someone supervises the completion of the tasks. A daily classwork schedule is a must for all students so that they can stay on track. Lastly, admin and teachers are always available to assist you and the student in reaching success. Feel free to reach out to them for advice or discuss your concerns- academic, social, or personal. We are here for you.