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Bayaan Academy is a non-profit  organization. Our philosophy is that every child has a fundamental right to a quality education, irrespective of economic background, race, or immigration status. We only charge for the cost of our dedicated teachers’ time of instruction and basic LMS and web administration. However, if a student cannot afford the basic costs, financial aid and tuition reduction is available for qualified students.

Our classes are open to children of all faiths while conforming to traditional Islamic principles. This simply means students are expected to interact with a highly level of maturity and dignity that is academically focused and God-centered.

With Bayaan Academy, parents have full access to their child’s learning. Through the LMS portal, you can easily view your child’s lessons, homework assignments, and individual progress.

Bayaan Academy provides flexibility and convenience! Students keep up with their studies whether they are traveling, involved in sports, gifted programs, or have unique emotional or physical special needs. Students have limited distractions and can achieve much more academically in much less time.

We have low student-teacher ratio (about 1:7) which allows teachers to focus on each student as an individual, nurturing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. Traditional schools average 25+ students per teacher- leading to a lack of personal feedback and lots of down time for teachers to transition from lesson to lesson.

We use digitally enhanced textbooks by premier publishers that follow national curriculum standards. Your child will receive exciting, cutting-edge interactive content that is well recognized.  Our foreign language instructors use popular texts that are specially designed for non-native instructors. All instructors have vast experience teaching the core 4 skills of language: Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking.

Meet Our Faculty

Syed S. BalkhiDirector
Syed oversees the general operations of Bayaan Academy. He holds a Master’s in Education from Delaware State University, and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Economics. His 15+ years academic experience includes serving as a certified teacher for an American public school, teaching at a community college in Maryland, and head of academics for a private school. He also serves as a Teacher Trainer and Academic Developer for a university abroad.
Munsoor MalikHead of Curriculum
Munsoor has a BSc Honours in Business and Management Computing from Brunel University, UK. Upon graduation, he managed a large manufacturing facility just outside of London. His passion for teaching led him to obtaining his Post Graduate Certificate of Education in ICT with a Qualified Teacher Status. Munsoor has over 8 years experience teaching primary and secondary schools both in the private and government sector in UK and the Middle East.
Mrs. TahseenAcademic Coordinator
Tahseen holds a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in Science. She has over seven years teaching experience at the tertiary and secondary level. She plays an active role in the administration of Bayaan’s daily activities such as responding to queries by students and parents, assisting teachers, and organizing educational field trips. She works closely with the Director to ensure educational standards compliance.
Mrs. SaddafHead of Mathematics
Saddaf graduated valedictorian of her high school class, and later graduated with BA in Mathematics with Honors from the University of Delaware. Her experience includes serving as an adjunct faculty member at a college in USA, working in private schools internationally, and homeschooling her own kids from a primary stage She has also taught SAT Math preparatory courses to high school students. Students benefit tremendously from her vast teaching experience to a diverse population of students.
Ustadha FatimaIslamic Studies Teacher
Ustadha Fatima grew up in Bolton, UK and decided to pursue a specialty in religious law. She completed an intensive six year Islamic Studies course at Jamia Tahfeezul Qur’an, obtaining an ijazah (authorization) to teach the traditional Islamic sciences. Later, she also graduated with a BA (Hons) in Humanities from the Open University. A stay at home mother and home educator, she has spent over twelve years teaching Islamic Studies classes, delivering programmes for New Muslim Ladies and organising regular community events.
Yunus MonahanEnglish Teacher
Yunus graduated with a BA (Hons) in Social Anthropology from the Queen’s University of Belfast and upon graduation, he travelled to the Middle East to study Arabic language and culture. He then moved to UK and obtained a PGDE from Bolton University in 2011, and a year later, became a qualified teacher. He has taught English to a number of adults and young students. He also spent two years working with an educational charity focusing on character education for young British Muslims. He now lives with his family on a farm in rural Ireland.
Ustadh Ismail and Ustadh HanyArabic Language Teachers
Ustadh Ismail and Ustadh Belal both grew up in cosmopolitan Cairo and graduated with a Bachelors degree in Arabic Language from Cairo University. They then completed further specialization from a private institute in teaching “Arabic as a Foreign Language” (AFL). They have been teaching Arabic Language to non-native speakers for over 5 years.
Mrs. ThaminaSocial Studies Teacher
Thamina graduated from Brunel University, UK and later went on to obtain her teaching certification. She has 10 years experience teaching students in private schools in UK as well as internationally. She also served as a Director for an educational charity foundation in UK.
Mrs. KhadijahScience Teacher
Khadijah grew up in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia and later travelled to India to obtain her Bachelors in Pharmacy from an all girls university. She then returned to her Jeddah hometown and worked as a Pharmaceutical assistant at a hospital. She then left the industry to pursue her interest in teaching science. She has been teaching High School science for the last 4 years in Jeddah.
Ms. SumnaAdministrative Assistant
Sumna was born and grew up in Jeddah, KSA and later went on to obtain her Bachelor’s in Engineering. She plays a pivotal role in providing a wide-range of administrative support to the Academy. Her experience as a freelance and technical writer is being utilized in the Academy’s Journalism Club for the students which she oversees.