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Why Bayaan Academy

Bayaan is a leading online academy catering to the all round development of children; our teaching places emphasis on Islamic morals along with a secular education.

Why Bayaan Academy

Bayaan is a leading online academy catering to the all round development of children; our teaching places emphasis on Islamic morals along with a secular education.

Islamic Principles Integration

We are integrating principles such as Islamic values: Faithfulness, Understanding, Mindfulness, Dutifulness, and Reflectiveness

Bayaan 5 Focus Ares

We draw out and continuously relate Islamic learning from regular secular subjects, relating to the Islamic principles.

  1. Marifah – Identity ( Knowing Allah, the Prophet, and the Self);
  2. Hikmah – Judging between Right and Wrong;
  3. Tazkiyah – Purifying from Corruption;
  4. Bayinah – Presenting Islam in every aspect of our Lives;
  5. Basirah – Having Deep Comprehension of our Existence and the world around us;

Qualified Teachers with Islamic Knowledge

  • 50+ Staff from 9 Countries
  • Our teachers are all practicing Muslims and we aim to hire qualified candidates with very strong Islamic values which align closely with our ethos.
  • More than 5 teachers are graduates from Alimiyah course. Also, several staff members have close connections to scholars and spiritual mentors.
  • 100% Muslim teachers and staff
  • Minimum qualification of all staff: Bachelors
  • 41% staff members are post graduates

Bayaan Students

  • 450+ Active Students
  • Students enrolled from 9 different countries
  • Over 50% of our students are simultaneously enrolled in hifz/alim program

Tarbiyah Sessions

Apart from general education we are also conducting regular tarbiyah sessions with knowledgeable Islamic personalities themed around existing challenges faced by muslim youth

Proper Established Governance

We have an Academic Shoura Team that consist of Islamic Scholars who are well versed in Deen and as well as Duniya. They continuously guide us in stretching our Islamic practices and as well as also provide strategic guidelines with regard to schools best industry practices.

Islamic Code

• Webcams for live classes, field trips and onsite meetings require teachers/ students to be dressed as per Islamic dress code
• Students are encouraged to interact with each other by following Islamic code of moral conduct.

Religious Belief Accommodation

• We respect and are flexible if female students request to have their webcams off in a mixed class or with male teachers.
• Flexibility with Prayers time, students can pray on time even if it occurs at the time of the lesson.

Bayaan Academy 4 Differentiation Strategies From Competition

1. BE & Make Aware

  • Teachers, as front-line members take lead in engaging deeply with the students. They personally get to know more about the student character by going into details such as who they are in a worldly sense (ethnicity, religion, culture, their unique standing, their cultural history & etc). Better understanding of the students give them the flexibility and opportunity to exploit individual strength and focus on their weakness.
  • We are constantly inculcating and encourage reflective thought (why I study this, how does it link to my life, what could I have done better, etc). In-class feedback and written feedback on work is one of the mediums we have been using for Bayaan students. Similarly, post any project, teachers are providing appropriate time for students to reflect and evaluate on their performance by focussing on skills throughout a course, as well as the content, teachers enable students to pick up useful tools to aid them in the future, meaning they can function in society in an informed manner.

2. Educated

  • We aim to facilitate students on their journey of education in the best way possible (in the true meaning of the word ‘education’, meaning ‘to lead’).
  • Each teacher seeking to provide students with the means of accessing knowledge, and at the same time recognize a student’s potential and encourage them to exert their best efforts to achieve this potential – this looks very different across the range of learners, as some will perform very well through focused study, whilst others may not exert any effort towards achieving their potential, but through constant feedback, and intervention measures (such as having 1-to-1s with failing students to discuss their progress, meeting with parents, setting up meetings with the principal, or ‘downing tools’ every now and again to re-focus) teachers can improve this.
  • We hope for the education to be more than ‘conveying information’ and ‘getting grades’ (even though this remains part of it), but rather want the education to be holistic, taking effect on every sphere of a student’s life/ being.

Spiritually Rooted

  • As well as understanding their worldly identity, students are constantly reminded, in an organic, unintrusive, non-judgmental way, about the Islamic view on anything they are presented with (connecting to spiritual/ mental wellbeing, etc)
  • This can be a small comment relating to a topic of study, or a full-fledged project centered on Islamic content, or anything in between. Students may have questions, doubts, fears, associated with their psycho-spiritual reality, and staff are open to these questions, etc. and equipped to give an answer or to signpost children in the required direction.

4 Global Community

On a wider level, as Muslims,
  • we exist by default as part of a global Ummah, and within Bayaan, as an online school with teachers, students, and other staff based all over the world, this understanding is palpable. We provide a multicultural environment with students and staff spreading across 9+ different countries.

Enhancing Social and Emotional Wellness

  • Have a month dedicated to social emotional wellbeing where teachers focus more on it in their classroom discussions student council, girls’ zone groups, previous informal mentoring sessions with boys/ girls and others
  • Guest Workshops dedicated to social emotional wellbeing
  • Director offers personal counselling to parents and students who need it

Community Services

Our Summer programs are based on social services and encourage community building activities. Our main focus in each learning outcome is to emphasize on the wellness of our social circle and the bigger communities at large.

Bayaan Mission

To provide a holistic, globally accessible,

faith-based learning environment taught by experienced teachers. We promote excellence in everything, both in the classroom and beyond.

Bayaan Vision

An aware, educated, and spiritually rooted global community.

Bayaan Primary Promice

  •  A robust and vibrant online Islamic academy that is accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • We find and recruit likeminded qualified and experienced staff through a rigorous screening process.
  • Teaching American accredited curriculum centered around with our Islamic principles
  • Arabic and Islamic Studies live classes.
  • Implementing project-based learning in our classrooms to add relevance to theoretical knowledge in the real world.
  • Extra tutoring hours weekly for student support
  • Workshops and sessions for students to meet with Islamic, qualified personalities, focusing on their overall tarbiyah.
  • Academic counselling workshops and 1-1 sessions for high school students
  • Community service programs and events to inculcate the spirit of community in the students
  • Afternoon classes for students enrolled in full time hifz program
  • After school clubs for students to participate in and manage.
  • Student Council consisting of President, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and student officers (all high schoolers) gives students the opportunity to build leadership and team building skills

Islamic Values

  • Centering on the core values of faithfulness, understanding, mindfulness, dutifulness, and reflectiveness, our institute takes a holistic approach, combining faith with knowledge, cultivating awareness of a need to introspect, and developing a keen sense of our responsibilities toward ourselves and others.
  • Ultimately, our philosophy culminates in the ability to reflect on ourselves in order to continually strive to achieve our full potential as world citizens. In measuring ourselves as leaders and facilitators using these criteria, we hope that the same values will ripple outwards through the actions of our learners, enabling them to successfully navigate the difficult terrain of the real world with clarity, skill, and confidence.


  • Relatively easy to access our learning – All students and teachers have personal login details
  • Each student placed in appropriate age/ ability grade, and provided with set times for class
  • As an institute dealing with partner institutes, the timings of such are taken into account when scheduling academy hours
  • Similarly, our teachers are advised to be conscious of how much homework demands they place on students who may be pursuing Islamic studies beyond Bayaan Academy (hifz/alim(ah) course, etc.
  • 80% of our classes are gender segregation as per Islamic norms.
  • The platform is safe for students
  • No private messaging
  • Parents have full access to their child’s learning. Through the LMS portal, you can easily view your child’s lessons, homework assignments, and individual progress.

Sincerity/Transparency in our service

  • Communication channels are kept open between teachers and parents – e.g. teachers are advised to give bi-weekly updates as to student progress, using Schoology LMS.
  • Two way communication – We provide guidelines on improving the students development and parents have the option to request and schedule one-on-one meetings with their children.
  • We make note of the non-progressing students and therefore take necessary actions to inform and update the parents. At Bayaan we are fully dedicated towards the improvement of the child and therefore in cases like this we involve the Principal and a meeting is scheduled to take further joint improvement actions for the child welfare.
  • The Principal regularly updates parents/ students
  • Principal deals directly with parent complaints/ queries, and updates them about actions taken.

Tailored & Focused Approach

• We ensure that each student is encouraged to reach their potential, encouraging effort, and excellence in how they do things
• Our approach enables each learner to get through their secular learning, gain the requisite Grade Point Average, and leave the academy with a transcript/ diploma which opens doors to them in other institutes such as colleges, etc.

Islamic environment

  • Most teachers are visibility Muslim – females are obliged to wear hijab covering, and some choose to wear face veil whilst teaching; males are usually bearded (but this is not mandated), and sometimes wear topi hats, turbans, etc.
  • When a male teacher is taking a class with females, camera use is waived (students do not have to show their faces)
  • With parental requests, some students are exempted from using their camera, generally.
  • For co-ed classes, our LMS is set so that only teachers can see students – students cannot see each other on camera, yet can see the teacher.
  • When conducting group activities, teachers tend to segregate groups by gender where prudent, and take into account the nuances of male-female communication
  • Unsuitable topics, if raised in class, are shut down quickly by teachers (if possible) and reported to the principal, who takes appropriate action (even suspending or expelling students, or terminating staff contracts if necessary)

Islamic approach to secular subjects

  • We follow the US Core Curriculum, covering the required essentials, yet filtering out certain content which does not accord with, or may be unsuitable for, a Muslim audience. 
  • Teachers are compensated for time to pre-read material to prepare lessons and also ensure an Islamic message is cascaded down to the students.

Project based learning is used as a means to reinforce isamic values and history

  • We follow the US Core Curriculum, covering the required essentials, yet filtering out certain content which does not accord with, or may be unsuitable for, a Muslim audience.
  • Teachers are compensated for time to pre-read material to prepare lessons and also ensure an Islamic message is cascaded down to the students.
  • Project based learning is used as a means to reinforce isamic values and history

Character Development

  • Soft-skills Embedded – within assignments/ projects/ classroom activities, teachers seek to embed a skills-based approach, so that students gain that which can aid them in their vocational progression beyond the classroom (presentation skills, report writing, essay research, citation, public speaking, etc)
  • Tarbiyah – 20% of our grade in each year is given over to ‘Class Participation’, and this includes students’ overall behaviour with teachers, colleagues, etc. Islamic Studies lessons center on akhlaq/adab (good behavior and manners) and strengthening a child’s Muslim identity, enabling them to know how best to act in any given situation.
  • Education with hands-on approach (project based learning), and a focus on real-world application of knowledge along with Islamic morals.
  • Our classes are open to children of all faiths while conforming to moral principles of Islam; students are expected to interact with a high level of maturity and dignity that is academically focused and God-centered.

I WHO Can Benefit from Bayaan

Tailored & Focused Approach

Students in Hifz program
  • We provide flexible timings
  • Our values are aligned with them
  • We ensure the homework and assignment workload keeps their schedule under consideration
  • Ramadan workload reduced due to their annual review of Hifz in ramadan
Home-bound kids
  • Students with social anxiety who prefer online education.
  • Physical disability that may make it difficult to attend onsite school
  • Vulnerable to getting bullied
Those unable to access quality education
  • There is no availability of good schools in their country
  • Timings not suitable for families
  • Lack of Islamic schools
  • Lack of good quality teachers
  • Technology friendly
  • Unable to attend onsite schools due to inadequate legal documents
Safe Environment
  • A safe environment for minority
  • Students who are bullied in state schools
  • Friendly teachers
  • Free from LGBT and Trans agenda
  • Muslim families

WHO Cannot Benefit from Bayaan

(Who is the Program NOT-FOR)

  • Non Muslim children might be daunted by our Islamic approach
  • Kids with special needs – we do not have the capacity at this time, to meet their requirements
  • Those in Far East time zones
  • Countries that do not approve or officially recognize online education
  • Those with inaccessible/poor internet connectivity
  • KG till 2nd Grade students
  • Non/ poor English speakers (no ESL provision)

Bayaan TOP 6 Features & Benefits

1. Values

  • Sincerity
  • Consistent Improvement
  • Commitment from Faculty
  • High Value

2 .Teachers

  • Qualified & Experienced
  • Practicing Muslim
  • 70% of teachers have bachelor’s degree
  • Some of our teachers are PhD scholars
  • From our staff, some have published research work in specific domains
  • Some of our staff have developed plans by which they are aware of current affairs and trends to better understand our students’ needs and provide solutions.
  • Bottom up approach – We value our students and some staff have developed curricula in other institutes, using Islamic ideals

3 .Curriculum

  • American, accredited, project-based
  • Teachers implement project based learning and teaching in the class. More hands on practical experience where students are required to demonstrate presentation and demonstrations
  • We give projects are based on real life challenges and problems
  • We provide constructive feedback and focus on their improvement areas

4. Timings

  • Morning Session – 9am-11am EST
  • Islamic Studies/ Arabic Session – 11am-2pm
  • Afternoon Session – 2pm-5pm EST

5. Legacy

  • Confident Contributing American Muslim Youth.
  • Youth who understand that Islam is lived through everything and not just a set of rules.

4. Price

  • Competitive Offer with Multiple Price Points