About Bayaan Academy

Our philosophy is that every child has a fundamental right to quality education, irrespective of economic background, race, or immigration status. We only charge for the cost of our dedicated teachers’ time of instruction, basic LMS, and web administration. Our directors volunteer their time and receive no financial compensation, thus allowing Bayaan to offer an affordable education. However, if a student cannot afford the basic costs, financial aid and tuition reduction are available for qualified students.

Our classes are open to children of all faiths while conforming to moral principles. This simply means students are expected to interact with a high level of maturity and dignity that is academically focused and God-centered.

Why Online Schooling with Bayaan Academy ?

With Bayaan Academy, parents have full access to their child’s learning. Through the LMS portal, you can easily view your child’s lessons, homework assignments, and individual progress.

Bayaan Academy provides flexibility and convenience! Students keep up with their studies whether they are traveling, involved in sports, gifted programs, or have unique emotional or physical special needs. Students have limited distractions and can achieve much more academically in much less time.

We have a low student-teacher ratio which allows teachers to focus on each student as an individual, nurturing their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses. Traditional schools average 25+ students per teacher- leading to a lack of personal feedback and lots of downtimes for teachers to transition from lesson to lesson.

We use an accredited digitally enhanced curriculum by premier publishers that follow common core national standards. Your child will receive exciting, cutting-edge interactive content that is well recognized.  Our foreign language instructors use popular texts that are specially designed for non-native instructors. All instructors hold at least a bachelor’s degree with vast experience in teaching online using varied approaches to engage students.