Fees (2018-2019)

/Fees (2018-2019)
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  1. FULL ACADEMY (with live classes):  $3,250 per year  
  2. ONLY CURRICULUM SUPPORT (no live classes):  $1,550 per year

Note: Admission Fee $100

Subjects include:  English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies. Grade 9 includes 4 independent electives per year at no additional cost. These are accredited self-guided and assessed courses students choose from the catalog. Arabic Language and Islamic Studies classes are always taught live and included in both programs.

The following additional classes can be added to the core subjects:

Subjects Price
Qur’an Academy $50 /month (live online group of 2-4 students, 5x a week)
Foreign Language $50 / month (live online, 3x a week)
Art Class  $50 / month (onsite Jeddah Aziziyah, once a week)
Recreational Swim Club $40 / month (onsite Jeddah, Sulaymaniya, once a week)
Martial Arts Academy (Girls) $50 /month (live online group of 2-4 students, 5x a week)$100 / month (onsite Jeddah through the Blue Wave Club, 3x a week, evenings)

We believe every child has a right to a quality education. Parents who cannot afford tuition, should contact us and be ready to provide proof of their financial difficulty and what they can afford. Through the generous donations of some individuals, financial assistance may be available.

Parent’s can withdraw their children any time. Refunds will be issued according to the following schedule:

  1. 2 weeks before the semester starts:   90% refund
  2. 1 week before the semester starts:   75% refund
  3. Within 7 days of the semester starting:   50% refund
  4. After the 7th day of semester starting:   no refund

The refund schedule is to recover a portion of the costs incurred by Bayaan for each student. For example, 1 week before the semester begins, LMS accounts, Virtual Classroom accounts, Teacher and Curriculum allocations all take place which takes a substantial amount of planning, time, and money.




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