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  • One Time admission fee : $100

  • Grades 5-9 : Academic Fees $2,025 annually  (includes 6 subjects: Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies)

  • Electives:  Additional classes can be added to the core subjects. Timings and locations will be posted in the “News” section in September.

    • Qur’an Academy:                           $100 /month (live online group or on-site group in Jeddah, 5x a week)
    • Foreign Language:                         $50 / month (live online, 3x a week)
    • Martial Arts Academy (Boys):     $50 / month (onsite Jeddah Aziziyah, 2x a week, evenings)
    • Martial Arts Academy (Girls):     $100 / month (onsite Jeddah through the Blue Wave Club, 3x a week, evenings)
    • Art Class:                                          $50 / month (onsite Jeddah Aziziyah, once a week)
    • Recreational Swim Club                $40 / month (onsite Jeddah, Sulaymaniya, once a week)
  • Financial Aid : We believe every child has a right to a quality education. Parents who cannot afford tuition, should contact us and be ready to provide proof of their financial difficulty and what they can afford. Through the generous donations of some individuals, financial assistance may be available.