Field Trip: Listening to Nature

There's nothing like fresh air and natural surroundings to provide an unforgettable learning experience. As a part of our holistic learning approach, we're all geared up for our first onsite field trip exclusively for Bayaan Academy students. So, let's unplug ourselves from the concrete jungle. The field trip is scheduled for September 28, 2019 from [...]

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Qur’anic Voice Training

BayaanAcademy.com is proud to present a short course: Qur'anic Voice Training This course is focused on teaching students how to beautify their Quranic recitation. Classes will be live online, taught by Qari Amanullah who has ijazah in the 7 different Qirah. He grew up in Jeddah and currently resides in Toronto. The course is [...]

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App-Design Summer Course

Knowing how to design an app in this day is a valuable skill with high market demand. This summer, Bayaan is offering a project-based App Design course where students take on the role of IOS app creator! Students work with industry-standard tools used by professionals. Most important of all, they have unlimited live phone [...]

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Project Based Summer Learning 2019

Bayaan Academy is back again with it's most awaited Summer Program 2019! This year, we are offering two project-based courses, centered around teaching our kids the 21st Century Skills, essential in this age of the internet. Grades: 6-12 Duration: 5 weeks 1. Journalism: Summer Newsletter Project! Over a short course, students will perfect their [...]

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Live QnA Session with Parents

We are hosting a Live QnA session exclusively for parents in the USA time zone, due to popular demand. [Note: Originally scheduled for Friday, Sept 7, the session had to be postponed to Saturday, Sept 8 due to inclement weather.] Join in our upcoming webinar using this live link: https://bayaanacademy.adobeconnect.com/QA Please login 10 minutes before [...]

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Extracurricular Clubs and Activities

Get active and get involved! We believe that a balance of academics, arts, and activities will develop our students into well-rounded individuals. Our National Math Club, Journalism Club, and Art Club hold regular meetings and engage in numerous collaborative activities throughout the academic year. Talk to a club leader and sign up for a club [...]

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Upcoming Field Trips and Family Events

Field trips are an excellent way for students to make connections between academic material and its real-life application. Our local field trip coordinators plan field trips to provide our students with authentic experiences and to deepen their understanding of the world around them. For students who live locally, we also organize family gatherings and events [...]

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