Bayaan Academy Annual Graduation

Welcome to Bayaan Academy’s

Annual In-Person Graduation Ceremony!

At Bayaan Academy, we believe that celebrating our students’ accomplishments is an essential part of their academic journey. That’s why we host an unforgettable in-person graduation ceremony each year for our graduating Senior 12th grade class and the 8th grade class. This special event serves as a milestone, marking the end of one chapter and the beginning of another for our students.

We are proud to host our graduation ceremony in the beautiful state of Baltimore, Maryland. Our carefully selected venues provide a fitting setting to honor our students’ achievements, with ample space to accommodate our students, their families, and our esteemed faculty.

The graduation ceremony is a significant occasion for our students, their families, and the Bayaan Academy community. It allows us to come together and recognize the hard work, dedication, and growth our students have demonstrated throughout their academic journey.

Connecting with Teachers and Peers:
During the graduation ceremony, students and their families have the opportunity to meet and interact with our dedicated faculty members. This allows parents to express their appreciation, ask questions, and strengthen the bond between our educators and families. Additionally, graduates can reconnect with their peers, fostering lifelong friendships and connections.

Our graduation ceremony is designed to create lasting memories. The program includes inspiring speeches, performances showcasing our students’ talents, and the presentation of awards and honors. We strive to make the event engaging and meaningful, encapsulating the values and spirit of Bayaan Academy.

Join Us:
We invite all parents, family members, and friends to join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our graduating senior 12th grade class and the 8th grade class. Your presence and support play a vital role in making this event truly special for our students.

Please stay tuned for updates and announcements regarding our annual graduation ceremony. We look forward to welcoming you to this memorable event as we honor the achievements of our exceptional students at Bayaan Academy!

Memories from our Previous Graduation Ceremonies