W.M. (Riyadh)

Bayaan is one of the most cost-effective online programs.

Abu Qasim

Bayaan being a starter organization has well demonstrated the ownership and has delivered the desired value to its customers.

Umm Zakariya

Bayaan Academy is one of the pioneers in Islamic online schooling with a diverse and well-qualified group of teachers who are committed to their students, Alhamdulillah.

Mrs. Sumera

Bayaan Academy makes it feel like my child is in a real school compared to the other homeschooling programs he has attended and I can see a drastic change in his work ethic and I am very grateful for Bayaan Academy.

Mr. & Mrs. Mulla

Bayaan Academy has everything I was looking for in a school, good curriculum, very helpful and supportive staff, excellent teachers (Islamic studies & Arabic). I want my child to graduate high school from Bayaan.

Mrs. Shaik

My kids have been homeschooling for the last five years and they have never been this excited about studying at home as they have been in the last year enrolling with Bayaan.