Established in 2017, Bayaan Academy has been providing education globally to all children.  Your support helps us provide free or reduced tuition to many of our struggling single-parent families as well as a number of refugee students.

Currently, twenty-two of our 160 students receive completely free or reduced tuition. Please help us help them.

The sponsor page will remain up as long as there are students who need help.  Your support will help these children continue the opportunity of receiving a quality education which they truly deserve,

With Bayaan’s 50% subsidy, your support of:
  • $1,625  provides one student a full year of live classes.
  • $810   provides one student a full semester of live classes.
  • $405    provides one student half a semester of live academic classes.

The above support amounts are based on Bayaan covering 50%  of tuition. Your support is essential in extending the help to more families in need.

Jazakumullahu Khairan.


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