Bayaan Academy is a virtual school whose primary aim is to provide quality education to students across the globe, currently serving in 5 continents. We personally know of many children who do not have access to a basic education due to their parents financial restrictions. We verify each parent’s financial hardship and the extent to which they are able to pay. However, no child desirous of going to school is turned away just on the basis of finances.

For our 2019-2020 academic year, we have 9 refugee students from Burma and Syria who are enrolled with us that are not able to afford tuition. These families have chosen Bayaan over free public schooling for a very specific reason – the moral and social support their peers can provide along with a safe and nurturing environment. In addition to these students, Bayaan also supports several other students by providing below-cost financial aid.

Based on 50% tuition support from Bayaan, we need your help for a total of $16,000. Your support will help these children continue the opportunity of receiving a quality education which they truly deserve, just as every child in the world does. And the money spent as sadqa is never lost.

Meet us halfway.  Your support of:
  • $1,375  provides one student a full year of live classes.
  • $690   provides one student a full semester of live classes.
  • $345    provides one student half a semester of live academic classes.

The above support amounts are based on Bayaan covering 50%  of tuition. Your support is essential in allowing Bayaan to continue to provide these students free or reduced schooling.

Jazakumullahu Khairan.


Bayaan Academy is a holistic educational platform with live interactive classes taught by qualified teaching faculty. We provide the perfect blend of traditional subjects combined with moral knowledge and values.

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