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Bayaan Academy offers the option of two programs for student enrollment:

  1. Live Academy
  2. Homeschool Support

The Full Live Academy is Bayaan’s premier program in which our qualified teachers provide customized daily instruction.   This is almost 15 hours a week of live instruction!   In the Homeschool Support program, parents utilize our curriculum and arrange for delivery of instructions. When comparing prices and programs with other academies, make sure to find out how many hours of actual live instruction is being offered.

Program 1: Live Academy

Option 1: Full Live Academy

  • 6 live taught classes per week aprox 10am-2pm
    (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Islamic Studies, and Arabic Language) 
  • 2 additional self-paced classes for free 
  • Online classroom feel with students their age 
  • Live instruction by qualified teachers 
  • Official school report card issued 
  • Academic support and guidance throughout the year

$3,250 ($325/month)

Option 2: Evening Partial Live Academy

  •  4 live taught classes from aprox. 3pm-6pm EST
    (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies)
  • 2 self-paced classes
  • Live instruction by qualified teachers
  • Classroom interaction with students from all over the globe
  • Academic support and guidance
  • Report Card issued for live classes

$2,750 ($275/month)

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Program 2: Homeschool Support

Option 1: Curriculum Support

  • Up to 6 self-paced online classes
  • Weekly progress reports sent to parents
  •  24×7 access to school support staff
  • Quarterly parent/admin meetings about progress

$950 a year ($95/month)

Option 2: Live Arabic & Islamic Studies Only

  •  Live Arabic and Islamic Studies
  • 5 hours a week (3 hours Arabic and 2 hours Islamic studies)
  • Classes geared towards Middle and High School students (not adults)
  • Social interaction with their peers

$1,250  ($125/month)

Option 3: Full Homeschool Package (Curriculum Support + Live Islamic Studies)

  • Up to 6 self-paced online classes  (parents arrange instruction using their own tutors or Bayaan’s online tutors) 
  • Live Arabic and Islamic Studies (3 hours Arabic and 2 hours Islamic studies every week)
  • Weekly progress reports sent to parents
  • 24×7 access to school support staff
  • Help with Department of Education portfolio review for homeschooled students

 $1,550 a year ($155/month)

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Which option is best for your child?  It really depends on your home logistics. You may utilize Bayaan’s qualified teachers who are consistently there for you and your child, or you may find local tutors to teach lessons. Either way, we are here to help.

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