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An Aware, Educated, Spiritually Rooted, Global Community Accredited Online Muslim school


Accredited Online Muslim School


Best Online Islamic school for grades 3-12


Character Building (Tarbiyah)

Best Online Islamic School in USA

Online Islamic School for Grades 3-12

Ignite your child’s learning potential, and receive a very dynamic, highly interactive education that prepares them for high school with Islamic schooling.

Comprehensive Curriculum


Our carefully crafted curriculum aligns with national and international standards, providing students with a well-structured and rigorous academic experience. We emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge.

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A robust and vibrant online Islamic School that is accessible from anywhere in the world

Students Worldwide

Online School with Islamic Currculum


Elementory School Grades 3-5

Ignite your child’s learning potential with our engaging and comprehensive workshops in Islamic schooling with Math, English, and Study Skills.

Middle School Grade 6-8

Students in the Middle School years, corresponding to grades 6-8, receive a very dynamic, highly interactive education that prepares them for high school with islamic schooling.


High School Grade 9-12

In grade 9, students enter high school which means all of the topics they studied in middle school, will now be dealt with in a more substantial manner with islamic curriculum

Explore the World of Online Islamic schooling with Bayaan Academy!

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Why Choose Bayaan Academy?

At Bayaan Academy, we deliver high-quality online education that matches and surpasses traditional learning environments. Our diverse range of programs ensures that students receive a well-rounded education tailored to their needs and interests.
Our experienced and qualified instructors are experts in online teaching methodologies. They are dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to every student, fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment.
At Bayaan Academy, we prioritize transparency and accountability in online education. We are proud to offer recorded classes, ensuring that students have access to all course materials and can review class sessions at their convenience. This feature promotes transparency, allowing students to revisit lessons, reinforce their understanding, and enhance their overall learning experience.

Our carefully crafted curriculum aligns with national and international standards, providing students with a well-structured and rigorous academic experience. We emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge.

Bayaan Academy utilizes cutting-edge online tools and resources to enhance the learning experience. From virtual classrooms and multimedia presentations to interactive quizzes and discussions, we ensure that students actively engage with the content.

Online Islamic School for grades 3-12

How involved do parents have to be?
One of the key factors we noticed for successful online studies is the maturity of the students. For young learners in elementary and middle school, we believe parental involvement in supervising the students’ online learning experience is very important. Bayaan provides you the curriculum, the live classes, live teacher support, and the full means of communication, such as weekly progress reports being emailed to parents. However, none of that will be effective if the student is not staying on task. Every student is different. We’ve had 6th graders that always submitted work on a timely basis without any parental involvement and did wonderfully. And we’ve had 7th graders who rarely submitted any work despite parents being regularly notified. For students that are not good at working independently, we advise parents to make sure that the student’s computer or laptop is in a visible, yet quiet location in the home and that someone supervises the completion of the tasks. A daily classwork schedule is a must for all students so that they can stay on track. Lastly, admin and teachers are always available to assist you and the student in reaching success. Feel free to reach out to them for advice or discuss your concerns- academic, social, or personal. We are here for you.
Will I receive report cards and transcripts?
Live Academy Programs Only: Both students and parents have access to the continuous progress of the students’ work at any time. There are four quarters and at the end of each quarter, final grades will be made available according to the academic calendar dates. Official sealed reports can be requested through the school’s administration for a nominal fee.

Self-Paced Programs: Parents will only receive a progress report outlining then student’s work progress. We do not offer official Bayaan Academy report cards or transcripts for self-paced classes.

Are you accredited?

Bayaan Academy is accredited by the Middle States Association Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Bayaan is also registered as a private faith-based school with the Department of Education in Maryland, USA. Rest assured that Bayaan  Academy provides quality instruction combined with a solid understanding of students’ social-emotional needs.

Can I meet my child’s teachers?
Yes! Bayaan Academy holds regular parent-teacher conferences throughout the year. Parents are encouraged to attend in-person if they reside locally. For families living farther away, conference calls are scheduled every semester by the administration.
Does Bayaan Academy provide a High School Diploma?
Yes, all Bayaan Academy students who have studied at least one full academic year with Bayaan and have successfully completed all of the prescribed coursework can earn a High School diploma with Bayaan Academy.

Testimonials about Bayaan Academy…

Parents’ thoughts on Bayaan : 

“Teachers are qualified & knowledgeable of the subject matter and maintaining classroom management. Overall I am satisfied with the administration and their
teachers. “

Parents of 8th grade student

“The school hosts extra-curricular workshops that are informative and give staff and student body an opportunity to not only inquire about the discussed topics but also express their personal experiences. Students and staff are actively engaged in full filling the school’s mission inside and outside virtual classrooms.”

Parents of 11th grade student

“We are very impressed with the academic standards of this school and our children’s progress. We appreciate the student-to-teacher ratio and personal interaction and our child’s engagement throughout the course of the year. “

Parents of 9th grade student