Fees Details

Academic Year 2022-23 American Curriculum Starting from Grade 3 to Grade 12

Academic Programs

A robust and vibrant online Islamic Academy that is accessible from anywhere in the world American Curriculum Starting from Grade 3 to Grade 12

Full-Live Academy

The best program for the development of your child future


Partial-Live Academy

Includes access to live classes for academic subjects only.

Homeschool Package
(Curriculum Support + Live Arabic & Islamic Studies)



(10-month contract)
$345/month $275/month $155/month $95/month

New Student Enrollment Fees


Grades 3 to 5 Grades 6 to 12
$150 Registration Fee (one-time)
$200 Technology & Assessment Fee
$150 Registration Fee (one-time)
$200 Technology & Assessment Fee


  • There are NO hidden costs. All inclusive annual tuition and fees includes all digital resources.
  • High School studies includes 4 independent electives per year at no additional cost. These are accredited self-guided and assessed courses students choose from the catalog.
  • Arabic Language and Islamic Studies classes are always taught live


Parent’s can withdraw their children any time. Refunds will be issued according to the following schedule:

Deadlines Refund Details
Anytime up to 2 weeks before Quarter 1 begins 90%
1 week before Quarter 1 starts 75%
Within 7 days of Quarter 1 starting 50%
After the 7th day Quarter 1 starting  no refund

The Withdrawl schedule is to recover a portion of the costs incurred by Bayaan for each student. For example, 1 week before the semester begins, LMS accounts, Virtual Classroom accounts, Teacher and Curriculum allocations all take place which takes a substantial amount of planning, time, and money.

Financial Aid

We believe every child has a right to a quality education. Parents who cannot afford tuition, should contact us and be ready to provide proof of their financial difficulty and what they can afford. Financial Aid is available only for the morning academy. You may fill out the Financial Aid Form for consideration.