ESL Business English

April 16 – May 10  (Live classes every Mon, Tue, Wed)
7pm – 8:15pm (KSA Time)
Instructor: Mr. Manahon from UK

This ESL Business English course is aimed at working professionals who are at a beginner/intermediate English proficiency. The weekly units are designed to cover topics that would be met in a general office-based business setting. The focus is on using vocabulary naturally in spoken, written, reading and listening contexts related to the working world. Students will build communication (spoken and written), and presentation skills during the course. Here are the weekly topics and homework assignments.





Weekend Projects (Homework)


Understanding application forms/ surveys

Job types-
Reading and writing practice

Dream Jobs –
Reading and listening

HW– Write about your dream job


First Day of Work
·    Office introductions
& work-related topics

Leaving Voicemails

Placing an Order via email

HW – Write up a business idea


Making a Phone Call
·    Negotiation
·    Writing an invoice

Customer Service

·    Meetings
·    Marketing campaigns

HW – Use PowerPoint to create a marketing campaign pitch


Messaging  &  writing about business process

Email Complaints

Unit Conclusion

End of course Exam

Grading:  50% class attendance  +  45% Projects  +  5%  End of Course Exam

Students will receive a printable certificate of completion at the end of the course. 

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