Credit Recovery Summer Program | Grades 3-12

Welcome to the Credit Recovery Summer Programat Bayaan Academy | Grades 6-12

*Only for current Bayaan Academy Live Program students.

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Our self-paced Remedial courses offer a rigorous, standards-based curriculum plus enhanced features for credit recovery.

  • Remedial unit level pre-tests that assess student knowledge and identify areas of deficiency for each unit of content.
  • An individualized learning plan based on pretest results that directs each student to the specific material he or she has yet to master.
  • Enhanced reporting that presents results of each student’s individualized learning plan, assisting teachers and students in understanding progress and performance.

Bayaan is offering remedial program for several courses in each subject area:

1. English
English 9
English 10
English 11
English 12

2. Math
Remedial Math for Struggling Middle Schoolers
Algebra I
Algebra II

3. Science
HS Physical science
HS Environmental Science

4. Social Studies
HS U.S. History
HS World History
Financial Literacy


  • Physical Education (1/2 Credit)
  • Health (1/2 Credit)
  • Psychology (1/2 Credit)
  • Sociology (1/2 Credit)
  • Multicultural Studies (1/2 Credit)
  • College and Career Preparation I (1/2 Credit)
  • Information Technology Applications (1/2 Credit)
  • Computer Applications (1/2 Credit)
  • Spanish I (1/2 Credit)
  • Spanish II (1/2 Credit)
  • French I (1/2 Credit)
  • French II (1/2 Credit)
  • Art Appreciation (1/2 Credit)
  • Creative Writing (1/2 Credit)
  • Media Literacy (1/2 Credit)
  • Reading Skills and Strategies
  • Writing Skills and Strategies
  • Financial Literacy (1/2 Credit)
  • Mathematics of Personal Finance
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Bridge Math
  • Liberal Arts Mathematics 1
  • Liberal Arts Mathematics 2
  • Principles of Health Science
  • Accounting I
  • Accounting II
  • Principles of Business, Marketing and Finance
  • Legal Environment of Business
  • Human Resources Principles
  • Introduction to Business and Technology
  • Principles of Information Technology
  • Business Applications

Time: You choose your own time! (Course must be completed by ##/##/2023)

Last Date to sign up: To be announced